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Our Story


Greece and especially the Agean Island of Kea has a wonderful tradition of the finest local cuisine. Our recipes are at the heart of many of our warmest memories.

We source only the very best and fresh local ingredients. Indeed, Kea is renowned for its excellent home grown meat, fresh fish from its crystal clear waters, vegetables, salads and fruit harvested from its sun drenched farms and wild herbs that grow across the Island. Our dishes are created with care, imagination and love which ensure that our customers return time and time again.

Meet The Team

Irene Vosika
Aggelenia  Vosika

We are two sisters who were raised in a beautiful rural environment flooded with wonderful smells, tastes and images. We specialise in creating authentic Greek cuisine using only genuine products and recipes. Our dishes

are infused with the love of our Island, a deep knowledge of local gastronomy and our passion

to cook for friends, family and visitors to Kea.


Our mantra… preserve, honour and celebrate the amazing recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation by sharing our enthusiasm for local cuisine.

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